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How Drivers With Bad Credit Can Still Qualify For Car Loans In Victoria, B.C

Victoria drivers with lower credit scores, there are still options for you to qualify for bad credit car loans! We know trying to purchase a car with not-so-great credit can be a challenge, so that's why Galaxy Approved can provide options you won't be able to access anywhere else. Get your options now by taking our pre-approval quiz and seeing what kind of bad credit car loan options are available to you.

Not only do we offer bad credit car loan solutions, but we also have hundreds of in stock quality used vehicles to choose from. Approving financing regardless of credit plus an incredible inventory makes us the best place to shop for and finance a vehicle in Victoria.


Getting A Car Loan With Bad Credit Is Easy With Galaxy Approved

Are you tired of being told no? Maybe you're missing the usual documents needed for loan approval? Or perhaps you just landed in Canada and don't have a credit score yet? No matter your siutuation Galaxy Approved can help.

Our expertise is helping drivers with lower credit scores get behind the wheel again, so that is what makes us confident about providing loans to anyone regardless of their credit history. 

Galaxy Approved works with 16 automotive lenders, so we can guarantee you the best option for financing no matter your credit history. Plus, with our 30+ years of selling used vehicles and being the biggest independent used car dealer in Western Canada, we are intimately familiar with finding the best deals for our clients.

If you try to go to the bank to qualify for a loan, you may end up waiting several weeks for an appointment, followed by waiting even longer for all the paperwork to get finalized. And who knows what kind of interest rate they'll give you!

And if you try to go to another dealership, they may have financing options available but not necessarily the resources to help drivers with bad credit. So you'll end up wasting time at a dealership that will end up rejecting your finance application.

On top of our finance options and inventory, as a used-car dealership, we can offer: 

  • No payment for 90 days OAC, and the first payment is on us (some restrictions apply)
  • If you're currently leasing a car, we can purchase your current lease and offer a great interest rate.
  • Provide amazing deals on trade-ins

Bad Credit? Take Our Pre-Approval Quiz To Find Out What You Qualify For A Bad Credit Car Loan!

You can get started by taking our pre-approval quiz to learn more about your possible loan options and receive a $250 downpayment certificate just to thank you for your time. The quiz is super simple to complete:

1. Let us know what kind of vehicle you're looking for

2. Tell us about your budget, income, and credit history

3. Download your $250 downpayment certificate!

4. Let us show you some personalized no obligation financing options

There is no obligation to take us up on the financing options we present to you so there is really nothing to lose. Simply completing the quiz allows you to see what your possible options are for financing.

More About Our Bad Credit Car Loans Application Process

You can start your no-obligation application for a bad credit car loan by taking our pre-approval quiz here. You can also visit us in Victoria or any of our other locations. Our goal is to find the best car loan option for you with the lowest possible interest rate. So when you're ready to move forward in completing your application, we'll need just a few more documents: 

  • Your last two pay stubs, a void cheque, or a pre-authorized debit form.
  • T4Es and three months of bank statements that show proof of money being deposited if you are a pensioner or on disability.
  • Most recent NOAs and three months of bank statements with deposits if you are self-employed.

We'll then work with our 16 lenders to find the best financing option for you. You can feel secure that regardless of your credit, you're going to receive the best interest rate available and have an option that best works with your current budget and dream car choice.

Finding Your Next Set Of Wheels With Galaxy Approved

Once you take our pre-approval quiz you can start looking for your next car by browsing our inventory online. You can filter by price, year, kilometres, make, color, fuel type, drive train, or specific keywords. Once you find the perfect vehicle, you can request an instant offer, book a test drive, see the financing options, and, if needed, the value of your trade-in. If you book a test drive, you can come to the dealership, or we'll bring the vehicle to your home. 

What Hurts And Helps Your Credit Score

It can be incredibly frustrating when you get notified of a credit score update, only to open up your email or mail to see that your credit score plummeted. To help you understand how credit works in Canada, here are some of the common factors that impact your credit score.

History Of Making Payments

This is the most significant factor that influences your credit score. Nearly 1/3 of your score is based on your ability to make payments on time. If you want to start improving your credit, try your best to make payments by the deadline. 

Different Types Of Credit/Debt

A balanced yet varied portfolio of debt is essential. This includes credit cards, store accounts, mortgages, and yes, even car loans. You'll want a mix of debt, but not too many different kinds. If you have too much debt in many places and struggling to make payments, this can negatively impact your credit.

New And Old Accounts

You also have to be careful not to take on too much new debt at the same time. If you apply for too many new accounts in a short time, this tells lenders and creditors you plan to take on a lot of debt, which can be seen as a risk.

Additionally, you must have accounts over a long period and show that you can handle the debt responsibly. The longer the history, the better!  

Galaxy Approved Can Help No Matter Your Credit History

We guarantee to get you approved for financing at the best rates regardless of your credit history. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and, since 1990, have helped thousands of Vancouver Island drivers get back on the road. Galaxy Approved is your best choice to purchase your next vehicle. We have locations in Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, and Courtenay. 

Take our pre-approval quiz now. Get started today and see what bad credit car loan options are waiting for you.

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